The government is worried about the impact of femicide
Mexican women protested against the femicide of Ingrid Escamilla in Mexico City on February 14 - Photo: Hugo García/EL UNIVERSAL

The government is worried about the impact of femicide

Mexico City
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The Mexican government is worried about femicide

We’ve been told that the federal government is worried about the impact of femicide and protests to demand justice for women are having. After the feminist protests in Mexico City on February 14, we’ve been told that the issue is now part of the security cabinet’s agenda and it’s being analyzed if President López Obrador will meet with groups of women as he doesn’t want femicide to mark his administration. Meanwhile, yesterday when the President was leaving the new National Guard headquarters, a group of feminists protested against femicide.

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Gas stations will face justice

We’ve been told that during today’s news conference, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, who reveals the cheapest and most expensive gas prices in the country, announced that the PROFECO will file lawsuits against the gas stations that refuse to allow an inspection even when the PROFECO staff was accompanied by members of the National Guard. Nevertheless, the PROFECO also found devices used to supply less gas to consumers.

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More catfights at Morena

Morena is moving toward its decomposing process. We’ve been told that there is a new feud inside the ruling party. Party leader Yeidckol Polevnsky is angry at the Autonomous Confederation of Workers and Employees of Mexico (CATEM), led by Pedro Haces Barba. Pedro Haces will lead a congress where he announced President López Obrador will be present. But for Polevnsky, the substitute legislator is taking advantage of Morena and is using the President’s image to create a new party called Social Force for Mexico (FSM). To make things more complicated, those who are close to Polevnsky claim that senator Ricardo Monreal is behind the FSM and Haces Barba said Mario Delgado was the best one to lead Morena. A new catfight is coming to Morena.

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Who will take over the INE?

Now that contenders who want to join the National Electoral Institute (INE) are being registered, it is expected that there is no hidden agenda behind any of them. In the lower chamber, the opposition is skeptical after the recent appointment of the Auditing Office of the State of Mexico. There were 35 contenders and a long interview process but in the end, Miroslava Carillo, a Morena lawmaker, was appointed to audit the state of Mexico.

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