The government could lose the rights over Susana Distancia

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The government could lose the rights over Susana Distancia
The Health ministry created Susana Distancia to promote physical distancing - Photo: Courtesy of the Health Ministry
English 03/08/2020 10:09 Mexico City Off the Record Actualizada 10:15
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The government could lose the rights over Susana Distancia

Mexico is about to register 50,000-coronavirus related deaths and several governors asked Dr. Hugo López-Gatell to resign, but if that wasn’t enough, someone wants to steal Susana Distancia, the cartoon created to promote physical distancing by the Health Ministry. Sources said the government department may lose the rights to the cartoon after a company tried to copyright a brand under the name “Susana Distancia.” The intellectual property department is reviewing the request, but if the Health Ministry doesn’t want to lose the rights to Susana Distance, it must contest the request quickly. 

Lawmaker made a shocking revelation

Morena lawmaker were indiscreet on social media. Lawmaker Javier Hidalgo posted a picture of the virtual meeting between Morena lawmakers; however, social media users spotted a message he exchanged with the fellow politicians: “INE counselors Norma and Carla propose budget modifications, they are fulfilling the promise they made to Morena.” The lawmaker’s comment worried some parties and now they are wondering if the new INE counselors and Morena reached a certain agreement in private. Norma Irene de la Cruz and Carla Humphrey should explain what the lawmaker meant for the sake of transparency.

El Marro will remain behind bars

El Marro’s arrest will be different. Authorities arrested José Antonio Yépez, the leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel and we’ve been told that his case won’t end like his mother’s, who was released after a week in jail. Sources said that this time the story will be different because authorities documented every minute of the operation to guarantee that his detention is not ruled illegal. If that wasn’t enough, authorities rescued a woman who had been kidnaped at the property where the cartel boss was hiding. 

Switching parties is not illegal

Morena lawmaker Lorena Villavicencio says that if someone has proof the PT is paying lawmaker to switch parties so that it becomes the third political force in the lower chamber must present the evidence. According to lawmaker Jorge Argüelles, the PES leader at the chamber, the PT offers up to MXN 5 million to switch parties. Villavicencio says it is common for lawmakers to join other parties, adding that these moves are not illegal and that this particle could benefit either the PRI or PT, the parties fighting to become the third most powerful force in San Lázaro.


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