Gourmet Show: Coffee, mezcal, chocolate and wine in Mexico City

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Three events devoted to food will be held at the World Trade Center in Mexico City

Dried cacao in the Chocolate and Cacao Salon

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Traditional Mexican "molinillos" (a turned wood whisk mainly used for the preparation of beverages such as hot chocolate, atole and champurrado)

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Carved "jícaras" (a small, woody container, typically made from the fruit of the calabash tree and used to serve chocolate)

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"Espuma de chocolate" beverage (chocolate foam), jícara and molinilo

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Jewelry featuring chocolate by jewelry designer Miriam Ortega

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Hand-crafted artisanal bread in the Gourmet Show

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For all cheese lovers, there were plenty of international cheeses to choose from

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For cigar lovers, the artistic genius lay in the touch of the hands that were rolling the cigars

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For ham lovers, Premium Serrano ham in different curing stages

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From August 31 to September 2, three events devoted to food will be held at the World Trade Center in Mexico City: Expo Coffee, Gourmet Show and Chocolate and Cacao Salon.

Expo Coffee

If you can not live without caffeine, Expo Coffee is a must for you!

There will be several coffee tastings in which different coffee blends will be presented.

Workshops aimed at cafeteria owners, restaurants, food and beverage managers and chefs will be part of the exposition as well.

Trifecta, a coffee machine that, according to Alfredo Cordero, creative director of TRADEX Exhibitions, "elevates the experience of drinking American coffee to the sophistication of a glass of wine" will be introduced in the exhibition.

For more information visit: http://www.tradex.mx/expocafe/english-info.

Chocolate and Cacao Salon

There will be plenty of tastings featuring dark chocolate, cacao liqueurs, Peruvian chocolates, Chontalpa chocolates and even indulgent aphrodisiac chocolates.

Chocolate masters and chefs will prepare cakes, cookies, and drinks.

Lounge Chocolate Company will present an edible chocolate dress, which is a creation of the designer Jimena Téllez Montoya and a jewelry exhibition will be set up with chocolate. Miriam Ortega, Sophie Vanderbecken, and Alfredo Cordero are the creators of the edible jewels.

For more information visit: http://www.tradex.mx/chocolates/english.

Gourmet Show

There will be a hall dedicated to "breaking down myths about vegan cuisine and food."

For more information visit: http://www.tradex.mx/gourmet/english-info.

Agave Fest

There will be tastings of a variety of agave sap distillates: pulque, mezcal, raicilla, and, bacanora among others.

For more information visit: http://www.tradex.mx/agave/english-info.

Wine Room

There will be preferential prices on bottles of wine and there will be several tastings featuring wines, cheeses, and tapas (an appetizer or snack in Spanish cuisine).

For more information visit: http://www.tradex.mx/wineroom/english-info.


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