17 | OCT | 2019

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Journalist looking at Frida Kahlo's “Self-Portrait as Tehuana (Diego on my Mind)” at the exhibition “Beyond the Myth” - Photo: Miguel Medina/AFP

Frida Kahlo in Milan

Mexiico City
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The Museum of Cultures in Milan proposes a new retrospective and interpretation of the Mexican artist

A retrospective exhibition of Mexican artist Frida Khalo (1907-1954) will run in the Museum of Cultures in Milan, Italy, from February 1 to June 3.

With the title “Frida. Beyond the Myth” (“Frida. Oltre il mito”), the Italian museum proposes a new retrospective and interpretation of the Mexican artist based on her work, in the third largest exhibition on the painter.

The oil paintings “Portrait of Miguel N, Lira," "Pancho Villa and Adelita,” the watercolor “Frida in Coyoacán”, and the “Signature Table of Frida Kahlo and Miguel N. Lira” are the works lent by the Art Museum of Tlaxcala, according to a statement by the Federal Ministry of Culture.

“These are the first Kahlos, a contrast with the other works depicting how Frida became aware of her health problems and the physical pain she voiced through her art, something she still hadn't developed in her self-portrait 'Frida in Coyoacán', of 1926,” explained Armando Díaz de la Mora, coordinator of the State Network of Museums in Tlaxcala.

The exhibition in Milan also includes four original letters written by Frida Kahlo and addressed to Miguel N. Lira, lent by a private collector from Tlaxcala.

After the exhibition in Milan, two of the works – “Portrait of Miguel N. Lira" and "Pancho Villa and Adelita” – will be borrowed by an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum of London, while the rest will return to the Museum of Tlaxcala.


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