Tim Burton in Mexico

The filmmaker arrived yesterday at the airport of Mexico City, where fans were able to catch a glimpse of him

Tim Burton & fan – Photo by XINHUA
English 03/12/2017 15:53 Ariel León Mexico City Actualizada 15:57
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Throughout his career, Tim Burton has depicted the nightmares of many but it seems it's the fans and the press who truly scare the filmmaker.

Or at least that was the impression Burton gave upon his arrival in Mexico City, when he saw the fans and members of the press who eagerly awaited for him.

The filmmaker was visibly surprised by the crowd he'd gathered and, at times, he even looked afraid of them, yet he had no other choice but to go through immigration and customs and wait until the crowd dissipated.

Less than 30 seconds was the time Tim spent with the press – he didn't talk, he didn't wave, and all he did was hide.

After a couple of minutes, the man behind famous films such as "Edward Scissorhands" managed to evade almost everybody and left through the domestic flights area.

Those who were lucky enough to see him before he hopped inside his van towards a famous hotel in the Historic Downtown managed to get some autographs and even take a couple of pictures.

Before he slipped away, Burton signed a football shirt with the name. The fan even gave his idol a t-shirt of the Mexican National Football Team, a present which Burton seemed to welcome.


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