Fentanyl, a threat to Mexico

Fentanyl is trafficked from Mexico to the U.S. using courier services, cars, buses, cargo transport, and airplanes

Fentanyl, a threat to Mexico
Fentanyl is in high demand in the U.S. illegal drug market - Photo: Cliff Owen/AP
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A drug 50 times more powerful than heroin is being processes throughout the country and then smuggled into the United States through one of the 13 routes identified by authorities. This substance is fentanyl, a deadly drug produced and sold in the U.S. by the Jalisco Nueva Generación and Sinaloa cartels but its transportation through Mexico has become a threat to public health in the country.

Information published by EL UNIVERSAL today shows there is no evidence that it is a growing problem in large population groups in Mexico but there is “enough data” to think that the population is, in fact, consuming fentanyl, especially those addicted to opioids such as heroin. There are records that show that there are people who have used fentanyl in at least 13 regions.

In the U.S., the consumption of this drug has been so lethal that in 2016, it was responsible for 21,000 deaths. In this country, the use of legal drugs along with opioids has caused thousands of deaths, therefore, a strong restriction was established in regards to prescription drugs, as well as the issue of a “health emergency.” As a result, drug traffickers filled the black market with a synthetic version: fentanyl.

A report from the Criminal Investigation Agency mentions that fentanyl is trafficked from Mexico to the U.S. using courier services, cars, buses, cargo transport, and airplanes. The risk of large amounts of fentanyl staying in Mexico while it's en route to the U.S. is high. If health and security authorities don't adopt measures to prevent the use of fentanyl from spreading, the youth will be the most affected. The situation in the U.S. should be an example.

The largest demand of fentanyl is produced in the U.S. and currently, cartels are focusing on this foreign market but if surveillance at the border is toughened, the northern Mexican states will be flooded by this drug.

In the report, the fentanyl route in Mexico is detailed: the drug and its precursors enter through the Manzanillo and Lázaro Cárdenas ports, it is processed in drug labs in the center and western Mexico and then it is transported to the U.S. Mexico still has time to prevent the massive use of this drug. If there is a will, fighting this drug shouldn't be difficult.


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