Experience a unique night tour at the Riviera Maya!

Once the sun sets, it is time for the dauntless explorers to go deeper into the leafy Mayan jungle!

The sun sets and the true adventurers go deeper into the jungle – Photo: Taken from Alltournative Instagram account
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Once the sun sets, it is time for the true adventurers to go deeper into the leafy Mayan jungle!

This unique tour is called Emotions Jungle Night and it is brought to you by Alltournative, a Mexican company created in 1998.

Emotions Jungle Night allows each and every visitor to tune into their senses to discover what lies beneath the extensive darkness in the leafy Mayan jungle.

The amazing night tour starts with a walk through the sacbeobs, white raised paved roads built by the Maya civilization, yet if you are a dauntless explorer you can try flying above vegetation with three zip-lines. Your night to remember will include an opportunity to delve into the Mayan culture by participating in a shaman’s purification ritual followed by a relaxing Temazcal session. Finally, a visit to the freshwater lagoon Cenote Media Luna is the perfect way to end a charming and unique night.

The experience also includes snacks near a bonfire and the needed equipment for each activity.

Emotions Jungle Night lasts three and a half hours approximately.

Adult in a single ATV: USD$ 129
Adult in a double ATV: USD$ 109
Children: USD$ 99 per kid

Alltournative offers a series of discounts if you book in advance:
10% off booking 7 days in advance, 20% off booking 30 days in advance and 25% off booking 45 days in advance.

For more information visit Alltournative website.


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