Enrique Graue is decorated in France

The National Academy of Medicine in France appoints Enrique Graue as foreign associated member

Enrique Graue is decorated in France
Graue photographed in his office - Photo: Germán Espinoza/EL UNIVERSAL
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Enrique Graue Wiechers, dean of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), was appointed an associated member of the Académie Nationale de Médecine (National Academy of Medicine), in France.

The French Academy acknowledged his “outstanding trajectory in the field of ophthalmic surgery, his leadership in health institutions, and the promotion of excellence in medicine, thanks to the cooperation of Mexican and French experts in regard to nutrition, obesity, diabetes, mental health, and adolescence,” UNAM revealed.

The National Academy of Medicine is one of the most prestigious professional associations in the world. Founded in 1820, its mission is to meet the requirements of the French State on the most important and problematic matters related to public health and to be a global leader in the field of medicine. The cooperation between Mexico and France is one of the Academy’s main concerns.

During his rectorship, Graue has received the Gradle Medal for Good Teaching from the Panamerican Ophthalmology Association in 2015, and more recently, the Eduardo Liceaga Decoration in 2018, for his contributions in favor of the Mexican population’s health, medical sciences, and healthcare administration.

Enrique Graue is also a member of the Mexican Surgery Academy and an international adviser to the National Eye Institute of the United States. He is a member of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom, as well as the Royal Academy of Sevilla, the Royal Academy of Catalonia, and the Barraquer Institute of Barcelona, in Spain.

He is a corresponding academician and member of the National Royal Academy of Medicine in Spain and the Academia Ophtalmológica Internationalis, making him the first Mexican to ever occupy one of the chairs.

The dean is head of the Ophthalmology Institute Patronage and the Conde de Valenciana Foundation, among others.


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