Enchilada weekend in Coyoacán

Over 20 types of enchiladas await you in Coyoacán this May 26 and 27

Enchilada weekend in Coyoacán
Mexican enchiladas – Photo: Pixabay
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If you love enchiladas then this weekend you cannot miss the Enchilada Fair and other Mexican dishes in Coyoacán. 

Over 20 types of enchiladas will be presented in this food fair which promises a lot, from enchiladas from Oaxaca and Querétaro with seafood fillings.

(Photo: Pixabay)

But not everything is enchiladas, if you walk down the aisles you can also find mezcal, coffee, and other local products – including BBQ wings, Argentine tacos, burgers, and crepes.

As for enchiladas, you'll find them of many flavors and sauces: red, green, of mole poblano, of red mole with apple and nuts, and filled with huitlacoche, mushrooms, potatoes, beans, cochinita pibil, seafood, and more.

Where: Francisco Ortega street, in Coyoacán, close to the Coyoacán church.
When: May 26 and 27, from 9:00 to 19:00.
Entrance: Free

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