Electronic vote for Mexicans abroad

During the Seminary to Evaluate the Vote of Mexicans abroad, Córdova made a balance of the transnational voting results

Electronic vote for Mexicans abroad
Electronic voting booth - Photo: Christophe Ena/AP
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The National Electoral Institute (INE) will start to work on and make it possible for Mexicans abroad to vote electronically in the 2021 federal elections.

“The way to go is the electronic vote,” said the INE's president-counselor, Lorenzo Córdova Vianello.

Córdova said that if the electronic vote from abroad didn't take place in 2018, it was because of the lack of time and resources.

Now, they will begin working on the development of the project, although he reminded us that because of the international audit that forces the law to apply the electronic voting system, which costs MXN 6O million.

In the past, a foreign company offered the electronic vote but the “INE is not going to use services from a private company, much less a foreigner. I think we have enough time to develop that proposal. That is our proposal,” said the counselor.

During the Seminary to Evaluate the Vote of Mexicans Abroad, Córdova made a balance of the transnational voting results, where the ballots were mailed, nevertheless, it has more participation from Mexicans abroad than ever before.

He promised to promote electronic vote to guarantee and broaden the political rights of Mexicans living abroad.

The INE is obliged to do it, as he has the conviction that “those who migrate don't abandon their rights or forget their origins.” The rights are inalienable.

And another reason is that migration is an answer from people to the structural deficiencies of countries that aren't able to provide decent jobs, safety, and expectations for their citizens, said Córdova Vianello.

This way, the INE claims to be ready to promote the external vote in a new modality, but also expressed its disposition to provide technical counsel to Congress, in regards to a future electoral reform.


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