Duarte's wife spends over MXN $2 million per year in London

He also claimed that the PGR placed a gun to his head to threaten him

Duarte's wife spends over MXN $2 million per year in London
Javier Duarte and Karime Macías - Photo: Ariel Ojeda/EL UNIVERSAL
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While the Mexican government has requested the United Kingdom for its support to detain Karime Macías Tubilla, the wife of the former Veracruz Governor, Javier Duarte; she is looking to keep an “amparo”, a constitutional protection, she filed to prevent her arrest and extradition.

This became public after a court in Mexico City declared itself as unfit to manage the case and dismissed the matter after arguing that it can't reach a decision about acts that might happen in an unknown place, that is, since the authorities don't know where could she be arrested, the judge can't issue a verdict.

Nevertheless, the verdict was contested and it will be reviewed by the First Tribunal Court in Criminal Matters in Mexico City.

Since 2018, Karime Macías is wanted in over 190 countries to be detained, extradited, and presented before the Mexican authorities, as the Interpol issued a red notice against her.

Duarte's wife is accused of her alleged participation in frauds, such as the diversion of MXN $112,000 million from the DIF.

Despite the court's statement, Macías has been spotted in London, England, several times, where she lives, as it was confirmed by her husband.

Yesterday, Javier Duarte, said that his family lives “in austerity” in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world, as they only spend MXN $180,000 per month.

During an interview with journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva, Duarte claimed that Karime Macías, his wife, is the victim of political persecution because she was never a government official.

Karime is living in the United Kingdom as a mother, she can't be in Mexico because of the persecution against her. She spends around MXN $180,000 per month, which is what I can give them (his family),” he said.

Belgravia, a luxurious neighborhood

Nevertheless, last year, the former Veracruz Governor, Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares, released images that showed Karime Macías living in London, in a home located one kilometer away from Queen Elizabeth II's residence, in Belgrave.

Despite the proofs that show she lives a lavish life, Duarte claims he is having a hard time supporting his family because he's not a millionaire.

Yunes Linares revealed the Duarte family's lifestyle since the children attend an exclusive private school, and that Macías attends a gym, a language school, and was regularly seen getting spa treatments.

Explosive claims

In regards to his legal process, the former Governor says the Attorney General's Office (PGR) forced him to accept an abbreviated trial and that they put a gun to his head:

“I was forced to do it, I can say it now, they put a gun to my head, they forced me to accept the verdict. It was the PGR,” he said.


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