Diego Boneta to play Latin superhero

The famous actor will star in a new MGM adaptation of "El Gato Negro: Nocturnal Warrior"

Diego Boneta to play Latin superhero in MGM series
“El Gato Negro: Nocturnal Warrior” is a Latin comic book launched in 1993 and written by Richard Dominguez - Photo: Taken from Diego Boneta's Instagram page
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Mexican actor Diego Boneta, known for his role as Luis Miguel in the Netflix bio-series, said he was very excited about his new project, in which he will play a Latin superhero for the TV series “El Gato Negro: Nocturnal Warrior.”

“I am deeply honored to work alongside Mark Burnett and give life to this classic and truly epic superhero,” stated Boneta in an interview with Deadline Hollywood.

The actor stated that giving life to a superhero was quite a challenge in his career, though he is willing to try his best to bring the ambitious project to life.

“I know starring in this Latin superhero series is a big responsibility and a major challenge, but I couldn’t ask for a better partner than MGM,” stated the 28-year-old actor.

The TV series will be produced by Mark Burnett, who also participated in the Luis Miguel bio-series, which turned out to be a major success.

“El Gato Negro: Nocturnal Warrior” is a Latin comic book written by Richard Dominguez. The Mexican star Diego Bonita will give life to the character Francisco Guerrero.

The series is being produced by MGM, who will also handle its worldwide distribution. However, the series doesn’t have a release date just yet, since producers are still looking for screenwriters to complete the creative team.

Boneta will not only act in the series, he is also participating as executive producer through his company Three Amigos.

The Latin comic book was launched in 1993 by Azteca Productions. 5,000 copies of the superhero story were sold in only two months, claimed Deadline Hollywood.


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