Did the PRD infiltrate the feminist protest?
Feminists protested against police violence and rape - Photo: Ivan Stephens/EL UNIVERSAL

Did the PRD infiltrate the feminist protest?

Mexico City
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Did the PRD infiltrate the feminist protest?

Whoever says the PRD is on the verge of extinction and that it's not capable of organizing any event is quite wrong. Yesterday, several PRD members and former officials were identified as the organizers and participants of a protest, nevertheless, they were also accused of perpetrating vandalism acts and of destroying government offices and attacking officials. Those accused of taking part in these actions include Yndira Sandoval Sánchez, who worked for the previous administration, the Women's Institute, and is a PRD lobbyist. They also named Rosa María Cabrera Lofte, who also worked for the PRD. Besides these cases, Mexico City authorities have identified a dozen other women who participated in the protest and who mixed with activists and victims' family members who were carrying out a peaceful protect. Does the PRD have anything to say?

What happened at the PRI?

The PRI's electoral system has raised suspicion. It turns out that 12,842 PRI members voted for unregistered contenders and another 21,287 votes were annulled. Who did 34,000 PRI members vote for? Who will solve the mystery?

Ana Guevara can take a break

Yesterday, Ana Gabriela Guevara, the head of the Conade, gave President López Obrador in the name of the Mexican athletes who participated in the 2019 Pan American Games to recognize his “effort to support the team financially,” she also claimed that there was a dirty war against the sport commission for the lack of resources for athletes. Nevertheless, during the Pan American Games, athletes complained about the lack of support for athletes and economic uncertainty. For example, the Mexican athletes didn't even have special outfits for the inauguration ceremony. We've been told that thanks to a large number of medals obtained by the Mexican athletes, Guevara could finally take a break from the criticism she had faced for months. Nevertheless, the investigations of the alleged irregularities at the Conade continue.

The privatization of spy reports

After the intelligence reports in the General Archive were made public and became wildly popular, we've been told that the institute will now request a fee to write public versions of the intelligence reports. Moreover, the current administration made 90% of the 3,527 of public files private, which had been previously released by Mercedes de Vega. So now transparency and information access are only for those who can afford it.


Mexico triumphs at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games

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