Del Toro, shaping his way to the Oscars

“The Shape of Water” is nominated for 13 Oscars, including Best Picture
David Hewlett, Michael Shannon & Michael Stuhlbarg, under the direction of Del Toro – Photo by 20TH CENTURY FOX/REUTERS
Ariel León & César Huerta
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Known for being one of the most solid filmmakers of the fantasy genre, Guillermo del Toro backed up this claim after his latest film, “The Shape of Water,” received 13 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director.

Yet it was in the late 80's when he met Mexican producer Carmen Armendáriz, who gave him one of his first opportunities to show his talent in the supernatural-themed show “The Appointed Hour” (La Hora Marcada).

“He came to help us in this area. Even before he became a director, he always had a curiosity for that world which today he has developed and for which he has gained international acclaim,” said Armendáriz during an interview with EL UNIVERSAL.

“It's funny how ever since he was a young man, Guillermo was very interested in monsters, masks, and all that.”

(Sally Hawkins in “The Shape of Water” - Photo by FOX SEARCHLIGHT PICTURES)

All the way from Japan, Del Toro sent the following words through a statement, thanking the Academy for the nominations.

“It is a great honor and joy to be here today, with a picture that remains faithful to all my convictions and the images I have loved since infancy.”

“I share these nominations with all the young filmmakers in Mexico and Latin America who put their hopes in our craft and the intimate stories of their imagination,” said the filmmaker.

Arturo Aguilar, film critic at W Radio and Gatopardo, says he thinks Del Toro has a good chance to take home the Oscar for Best Director but is unsure about the Best Picture one.

“For Best Picture, it depends on what happens these weeks regarding campaigns for the other films campaigns or specific circumstances or interpretations in the American society, such as ' Three Billboards' and 'Get Out'.”

This is not the first time Del Toro has Oscar possibilities. “Pan's Labyrinth” (2006) received 6 Oscar nominations, including Best Foreign language Film; however, it only won Best Cinematography, Art Direction, and Makeup.

Out of the so-called Three Amigos, Del Toro is the one who has received the most nominations for a film, surpassing the 12 Oscar nominations of Iñárritu's “The Revenant,” and the 10 of Cuarón's “Gravity.”

Thus far, “The Shape of Water” has received 61 awards, including a Golden Globe for Best Director.

“It's a historic moment for another Mexican filmmaker in Hollywood,” said Aguilar.


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