A deathly blow for the PAN

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A deathly blow for the PAN
Damián Zepeda and Ricardo Anaya - Photo: Juan Carlos Reyes García/EL UNIVERSAL
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A deathly blow for the PAN

We're told that Damián Zepeda's self-designation as the Senate's parliamentary coordinator didn't contribute to unity at the PAN and their reflection process after their July 1st loss. Many PAN members are angry and say that Zepeda acted in an anti-democratic way, and warn that the next party leader will have to make a change in the Senate or the bench will be fractured forever. They also consider that Zepeda's maneuver lessens the PAN's credibility as a serious and constructive opposition. Other PAN members lament that he opted for a path to an auto-designation in disguise. They say they thought it was an insult that Damián had left the party's leadership and that his substitute designated him as the Senate's coordinator, they also predict a hostile internal election. Some of them consider that this operation carried out by those faithful to Ricardo Anaya to keep the Senate's coordination and the efforts to set up one of their own as the party's leader could mean a deathly blow for the party, which has been in intensive care since the July 1st election.

Bad vibes towards the new Internal Affairs Sub-secretary

Social media users, especially on Twitter, with their characteristic partial reading and tendency to easy interpretation, threw critics towards the new Internal Affairs Sub-secretary, Diana Álvarez Maury. The implacable 280-characters-critics attacked Diana for having written that she's a “Therapist in cosmic energy transmission” in her Linkedin profile, a social network where people upload their resume. As you can imagine, they attacked her mercilessly, without minding that she mentions she's a Lawyer by the ITAM and has a Master in Business Administration by the Universidad de las Américas, where she worked as the Law major's director. So much indignation and “bad vibes” in social media.

Is Moreno Valle still looking for the PAN presidency?

We're told that after Damián Zepeda was designated as parliamentary coordinator, the former Puebla Governor, Rafael Moreno Valle, could be named as the General Committee vice president. We're told that the negotiations are making the vice-coordination nervous, which will be put up for discussion so that all the leaderships have positions where they can stand out. Nevertheless, some are asking themselves if Mr. Rafael, who was looking for the parliamentary coordination, will settle for the position in the Senate or if he's still interested in the PAN's presidency.

Ebrard and the austerity

Yesterday, the future chancellor gave a demonstration of Republican austerity. Marcelo Ebrard gave a press conference outdoors, at the Luis Cabrera Park, in the Roma neighborhood. After announcing López Obrador's first meeting with a President, Jimmy Morales from Guatemala, Mr. Marcelo joked with the media by pointing out that if he wasn't able to give a press conference in the transition home “he would see them at the park again”.


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