The dance between Meade and Carstens

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osé Antonio Meade (left) and Agustín Carstens (right) - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
English 19/11/2017 10:00 Mexico City OPINION: Under Reserve Actualizada 12:49

The dance between Meade and Castens

The appointment of the replacement of Agustín Carstens, according to our sources in the Senate, has fallen into a political sinkhole, since the moment the Minister of Finance and Public Credit, José Antonio Meade is seen as fit to be the next head of the Bank of Mexico. Yet, he's one of the aspiring presidential candidates of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and he's two weeks away from concluding his job. The appointment is already behind schedule, because Carstens will leave his post in 11 days and, if there's no replacement, the legal provision states it will be the dean of the Governing Board, in this case, Roberto del Cueto, who shall assume the leadership. What a dilemma...

The coalition against the Front

The meeting last Friday between presidential candidates Margarita Zavala, Rafael Moreno Valle (National Action Party), and Miguel Ángel Mancera (Democratic Revolution Party) had a very specific purpose. We're told the presidential candidates are preparing a strategy with the media to put pressure on the leaders of the Citizen's Front for Mexico (PAN, PRD, and Citizen's Movement) regarding an open election where not only all the presidential aspirants of the parties are allowed to participate, but also the independent ones. We're told the national leader of the PAN, Ricardo Anaya, is seeing the integration of the Front as something complicated because the possible internal contest of the PAN he could have “controlled” but now with the announcement of Mancera that he's going all in against the Front, things have changed quite a bit. Our sources say the upcoming 15 days will be rough because the agreement within the Front is to respect the internal mechanisms of each party, but the bone of contention is the presidential candidacy, because none has it so far and in the left they're seeing a seizure of power by the PAN...

But the spots have already been claimed

By the way, the Front is only getting ready to register the electoral alliance for the Presidency of the Republic, the Mayor of Mexico City, the Senate of the Republic and 299 out of the 300 districts part of the Chamber of Deputies. We're told this strategy of not going for all the districts at the Lower Chamber is because, when the 300 districts are registered, the Law would automatically cut one million and 700 thousand spots during the time of the State at a national level, and advertisements during campaign times are gold for any aspiring candidate. So first things first, no less.

Ivonne Ortega and her fight within...the PRI

Yesterday we shared with you a strange tale which is currently being told among the political class, in which Ivonne Ortega is set to transfer to the ranks of the National Regeneration Party (MORENA) of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. It seems Ms. Ivonne has said she's “currently fighting to have an internal democracy in the party. At present, I'm waiting for the party to issue its call for the internal process and I think I have the requirements needed pursuant to the by-laws to contend. I reaffirm: my fight is within the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)...” So for those who think she's leaving, it might just be wishful thinking. For now.