Corruption 1 Legislators 0

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Corruption 1 Legislators 0
Ernesto Cordero, president of the Executive Board of the Senate - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Corruption 1 Legislators 0

This day could be one of the darkest for legislators both, at the Lower and Upper Chambers. This Monday is the last chance they have to approve pending rulings and minutes, considering that after today, the last ordinary meeting period of the 63 Legislature would have concluded – which officially ends its term next August 31. We're told that there are important issues which could be put on the back burner and that most likely will remain in the freezer; one of them is the bill to remove the immunity privilege – which could still be approved if today the Senate, led by Ernesto Cordero, where to submit it to the Lower Chamber. However, it all seems this protection many politicians resort to when committing acts of corruption will remain untouched. The score seems to be in favor of corruption, which might end up winning the match against the legislators.

Who can stop fuel thieves?

Criminal gangs dedicated to fuel theft get more violent every day. In may 2017, fuel thieves showed their violence capabilities when they ambushed a caravan of the Mexican Army in the community of El Palmarito, Puebla, which left 10 dead out of which 4 were soldiers. Now in Tamaulipas, this last Friday, two security agents of state-owned oil company PEMEX were attacked in Matamoros. One of them, Jaime Juárez Hernández, in charge of the Burgos Basin, was killed and the other is wounded. We're told the official vehicle both agents were traveling in took at least 60 shots. Who will stop the fuel thieving gangs before they acquire more power and become even deadlier?

How much is the support of Elba Esther worth?

We're told that in the last days some envoys of the inner circle of Elba Esther Gordillo have been seen in the campaign of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to know how things are going for this native of Tabasco. We're told some of them can be easily identified as they wear shirts with the logo of the Progressive Social Networks (RSP), an organization controlling the social networks of Obrador, linked to the teachers' union – and which they claim is doing a great job. The question some members of the left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) ask is which role will these groups play if AMLO wins the election, and how large is the size of the commitment with them?

The Front trembles over a Court ruling

We're told that this week is one of the resolutions at the Electoral Court of the Judicial Branch of the Federation, with two cases that have shaken the coalition of the PAN-PRD-MC. We're talking about the case Mirelle Montes against Miguel Ángel Mancera and Damián Zepeda as candidates to the Senate with the conservative National Action Party (PAN). Montes challenged the list for the Senate under the argument they didn't follow the procedure established in the by-laws and that his signature was forged and sneaked into number 15 of the list. Our sources say one of the operators who has taken up this case to keep the ship afloat is Santiago Creel, who has been negotiation with the Court for a few days now.