Coronavirus Quarantine: Watch an international film festival from home

The festival features films from 11 countries

Coronavirus Quarantine: Watch an international film festival from home
You can have fun from home quarantine - Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Although movie theaters are closed, Mexicans will be able to watch for free a series of international films thanks to Daimon, an international film festival on streaming that debuts this week.

The most recent film by the Argentine director Santiago Loza “Brief Story from the Green Planet”, will open DAIMON: International Film Exhibition on Streaming, that will be available for free from April 6 to 28 in the FilminLatino platform of the Mexican Cinematography Institute.

The festival features productions from Argentina, the U.S., Thailand, Colombia, France, Canada, Camboya, Bolivia, Spain, Turkey, and Mexico.

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“Brief History from the Green Planet” won a Teddy Award for the best LGBTQ+ film at the Berlinale 2019. It tells the story of Tania, a trans woman who discovers her grandmother has spent her last years in the company of an alien and embarks on a rural journey with two friends to return the creature to its origin.

The schedule includes premieres for Mexico such as “Last Night I Saw You Smiling” by Kavich Neang, “The World is Full of Secrets” by Graham Swon, and “I Love You So Much That I Just Don’t Know” by Lautaro García.

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Canadian filmmaker Sofía Bohdanowicz presents her documentary “Maison du Bonheur,” along with her three most recent shorts: “A Drownful Brilliance of Wings,” “Veslemøy's Song,” and “The Soft Space.”

All films of the Daimon exhibition will be free for five days via FilminLatino.

On a daily basis, the platform offers films that can be watched for free. New users can have full access by simply creating a free profile.

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