Chinese medical supplies arrive in Mexico as coronavirus bites

Three aircraft arrived in Mexico City with more medical supplies from Shanghai

Chinese medical supplies arrive in Mexico as coronavirus bites
The medical supplies are for Mexico's fight against COVID-19 - Photo: Carlos Mejía/EL UNIVERSAL
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The second flight carrying medical supplies to face the COVID-19 health emergency arrived in Mexico City from Shanghai, China, last night.

This time, Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft from Aeroméxico, similar to the presidential airplane, arrived with more N95 medical masks, gloves, and ventilators for the treatment of seriously-ill coronavirus patients, a disease that has caused 233 deaths in Mexico as of April 10.

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On Saturday morning, Mexico’s Foreign Affairs minister Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón informed that the shipment includes 1.9 million masks and 820 face shields bought by the Mexican government from the Asian country and that would be distributed among the medical personnel of the IMSS, the ISSSTE, Pemex, the Navy, and the National Defense Ministry.

The first two aircraft arrived at Mexico City’s International Airport after 21:30; the third one was expected to arrive before Friday’s midnight.

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The deputy minister of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights Martha Delgado Peralta led the operation.

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On April 18, a flight carrying at least 192,400 personal protective equipment items landed in Mexico City; this was the third shipment purchased by Mexico from China.

Zoé Robledo, the head of the IMSS, was present when the airplane arrived and showed the PPE that will be given to healthcare workers who are fighting the novel coronavirus.

The protective masks will be sent to workers at hospitals with a large number of patients infected with COVID-19.

On April 7, the Mexican government purchased 379,000 KN95 face masks and 30,000 surgical masks. On April 10, Mexico acquired 875,000 surgical masks and 82,000 KN95 face masks. 

On April 19, another flight landed in Mexico. It carried 2, 916,000 surgical masks and 46,000 pairs of goggles

It was announced that the next flight from China will arrive in Mexico City on April 22 or 23.

In the upcoming weeks, Mexico will also receive ventilators from Germany

So far, Mexico has invested USD $56 million of PPE.


On April 23, 84,000 surgical masks, 13,400 pairs of goggles, and 120,000 face shields arrived in Mexico. 

On April 26, the sixth shipment from China arrived in Mexico. The arrival was broadcasted live and Cofepris workers verified the quality of the equipment.


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