Children from the ABC daycare deserve justice

Those responsible for the tragedy have to pay for their crimes, no matter who they are

Children from the ABC daycare deserve justice
49 children died during the fire - Photo: Alejandra Leyva/EL UNIVERSAL
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In any other place in the world, 10 years are more than enough to clarify a strategy and punish those responsible but in Mexico, this is not the case. The children who were affected by the fire at the ABC daycare in Hermosillo, Sonora, accompanied by their parents, are still waiting for justice to be delivered. Two of the four daycare owners were exonerated, a person who was allegedly responsible for the tragedy was murdered, there are hundreds of amparos, unfinished investigations, and not even one person has been detained.

For 24 children and teenagers, today is the 10th anniversary of their torment: constant surgeries, skin graft, neurological, motor, and psychological damages. It has been a decade since they have been trying to carry out a normal life, even when their physical limitations affect them since June 5, 2009, when a fire destroyed a daycare in Hermosillo, Sonora. From the 176 children who were at the daycare that day, 49 died and 24 children suffered second and third-degree burns in up to 85% of their bodies.

In December 2018, those affected demanded justice but also medical attention because since the new government took office, they had no medical service, medicines, and contracted services after the Superior Audit Office claimed it had found irregularities; this had been reported by the parents of the children affected since January and in February the aid was granted again, after the National Human Rights Commission intervened.

The debt Mexico has with the victims and their parents are immense. The physical damages are the result of an omission perpetrated by the Mexican government in 2009, when it failed to provide secure daycare services and for the impunity that has lasted for 10 years, without punishing those responsible. Even now, 10 years after, the IMSS has just filed a lawsuit against the then Sonora governor.

The investigation of the ABC tragedy has been a series of accusations and evading responsibilities. The parents of the victims explain that they don't want to attend a ceremony where the government officially apologizes because none of that will give them those 10 years of their life back, as it was tainted by irregularities perpetrated by the political sphere, instead, they are demanding justice. Those responsible have to pay for their crimes, no matter who they are. How much time will pass before there is justice for them?


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