Ceremonia 2020 to take over Mexico City

Ceremonia will move to Mexico City for the first time

Ceremonia 2020 music festival to take over Mexico City
It will take place at Campo Marte - Photo: Taken from Ceremonia's Facebook account
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Although it had been announced on March 16 that the music festival had been postponed for the second semester of 2020 over coronavirus concerns, the organizers of Ceremonia surprised their fans with an at-home festival that will feature many bands and singers from their original lineup.



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On its social media platforms, Ceremonia broke the good news to their fans by announcing they would be hosting a fundraising event that will include music, interviews, and tutorials, among other virtual activities.

Called "Ceremonia En Casa" (Ceremonia At Home), the event aims to encourage the viewers to donate to two different NGOs while enjoying the music and bands they love.

Ceremonia en Casa will take place on April 25, the date where the festival would have originally taken place in Mexico City, and will begin at 10:00. The whole schedule is available on their website.

Back in December, Diego Jiménez, director of the Ceremonia music festival, said that “To turn our back on reggaeton would be foolish.”

According to Jiménez what they try to do with this festival is to take a picture of what is going on in the contemporary music scene and hence they cannot overlook this urban music genre.



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“We have always included reggaeton at our festival. This time, we have Tainy, who has worked with artists like J Balvin and although he’s not a reggaeton singer per se, he’s a producer and comes from it,” Jiménez said in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL.

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The eighth edition of Ceremonia 2020 was going to present Thom Yorke, The Chemical Brothers, and FKA Twigs, among many others.

For the director of the festival, reggaeton is a part of today’s youth and culture.

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Ceremonia music festival is one of the many music events that aim to earn a place at the top of massive concerts in Mexico, especially in Mexico City.

In other editions of Ceremonia, artists like Rosalía, Massive Attack, Julián Casablancas, Snoop Dogg, and Björk have performed.

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