18 | OCT | 2019
Canelo vs GGG - Photo: Al Bello/AFP

Canelo vs Golovkin: a controversial draw

Ariel Velázquez / Enviado
Las Vegas
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A brilliant showdown overshadowed by the scores

A classic boxing match was stained by the controversial decision of the judges who called a draw between Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez (48-1-2, 34 KO's) and Gennady Golovkin (37-0-1, 33KO's).

The frenzy and brilliant showdown the world's two best boxers provided to the audience was overshadowed by the scores of Adalaide Byrd, who gave the Mexican 118-110 – which means she believed Canelo won 10 out of the 12 rounds.

Neither other judges or experts qualified the fight – which gathered 20 thousand 500 spectators – like Byrd did; it seems the judge was staring at the audience rather than the ring.

Dave Moretti scored 115-113 for Golovkin and Don Trella 114-114.

This result has just opened the door for a rematch, which could very well take place in May 2018.

Yet boxing has lost again because the exchange of blows, jabs, and counters between the two men in a ring at the sound of the roars of the crowd will be eclipsed by Byrd's scores – who the Athletic Commission will have to retire.

Nevertheless, Golovkin kept his middleweight titles for the nineteenth time and remains undefeated.

The Kazakh delivered his most powerful punches and didn't make it easy for the Mexican, who managed to survive thanks to his youth and strong jaw.

This was Canelo's best fight, yet in spite of his uppercuts and hooks winning him the favor of the crowd at the beginning of the encounter, the resilience of the European shifted the tides and by the end of the evening, it was GGG whom the crowd was rooting for.

The upcoming months will most likely see the second chapter of this story being written, despite the bitter aftertaste the draw has left for the Kazakh.

“The judges said it was a draw, but look at my titles..I've already won,” said GGG.

“It was a fight in the U.S., they can keep the victory,” he said after the encounter, “I want to return to my country with my people.”

“I think I won seven or eight rounds, easy,” boasted Canelo, “I always said I was going to be a step ahead of him,” added the Mexican boxer, for whom this is his second draw. His first was scored vs Jorge Huárez in 2006.

This is the first draw for GGG, who arrived in Las Vegas with a record of 37-0, 33 KO's. He claims not to be bothered by the judge's scores and he remains the champion of the International Boxing Federation, the World Boxing Council and the International Boxing Association.


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