18 | OCT | 2019
Closeup of the flags of the North American Free Trade Agreement members - Photo: Ronnie Chua/EL UNIVERSAL

CanCham Mexico: Canada needs more Mexico

Mexico City
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 Today, Canada's Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade issued a report titled North American Neighbours: Canada and Mexico Cooperation in Uncertain Times emphasizing Mexico’s fundamental significance to Canada as a bilateral partner beyond their shared commitments together with the United States in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

In the same vein, Armando Ortega, President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico (CanCham Mexico) said that in a scenario where the U. S. abandoned NAFTA, “the agreement would remain in force for Mexico and Canada."

According to a press release issued by CanCham Mexico, Canada should strengthen its ties with Mexico despite the uncertainty related to the North American trilateral relationship.

“Cooperation between Canada and Mexico involves areas beyond trade. Even though the two countries do not share a border, they have worked together on issues of regional security, human and drug trafficking, human rights, good governance and management of health pandemics,” concluded the release.

In an interview during CanCham 35-year celebration in Mexico, Ortega stressed that Canada's investments are expected to increase in the country.

"It's very difficult to read about the U.S. administration. Uncertainty is the rule with them”. However, in the third round in Ottawa, Canada, the Chamber is optimistic about the development of the negotiations," he assured.

Armando Ortega emphasized that Mexico has not exploited its commercial potential with Canada, in sectors such as agriculture.

"Mexico's market in Canada has not been fully exploited. Mexico could replace many agricultural imports from Canada rather than from the United States," he concluded.

Additionally, Bill Morneau, Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre and Canada's Minister of Finance, visited the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico to discuss the Canada-Mexico relation.

Bill Morneau emphasized that "Canada and Mexico have always shared a special bond" and he reassured that Canada and Mexico were friends, allies, and partners in prosperity.

The complete press release can be read at the following link: http://bit.ly/2wt4gMK.

The complete report can be read at the following link: http://bit.ly/2y2r7zT.



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