Blink-182 returns to Mexico

Blink-182 will return to Mexico after 16 years of absence

Blink-182 returns to Mexico for Imperial GNP music festival
Blink-182 is a pop punk band from California, U.S. - Photo: Taken from Blink-182’s Facebook account
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Blink-182 will return to Mexico for the first edition of the Imperial GNP music festival that will be taking place in Tijuana, a city where different cultures, styles, and languages merge.

The lineup of the Imperial GNP also includes Nick Murphy, Jake Bugg, Chet Faker, Two Door Cinema Club, and Zhu, among many others.

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The festival will take place on May 16 at Morelos Park in Tijuana.



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The Citibanamex tickets presale will be held on March 11 and 12, with stage 1 tickets costing from MXN $690 to $1390.

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Imperial GNP will gather different international artists in one of the most diverse cities in Mexico: Tijuana. Just as Tijuana, this festival intends to be a ground of all, where attendees will experience unique and multiple experiences, as read in the description of the event in the festival’s official account on Facebook.

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