The benefits of nopal sap

Nopal is a kind of cactus that has been used and eaten in Mexico since ancient times

The benefits of nopal sap
You can drink nopal sap in a smoothis or a shake – Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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An ancient story tells that Aztecs were the first to discover the properties of nopal; they used the sap (or mucilage) that came out of this plant to lower a fever, heal chapped lips, and curing diarrhea and excess bile.

Nopal has multiple properties. Everything in this plant has a use, even its sap, which is the viscous juice that comes from it.

Researchers of the Faculty of Higher Studies Cuautitlán (Fesc) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Unam) discovered that nopal sap can create films that have the property to retain water and containing moisturizers for longer, that is, by consuming the sap, it does not lose as much liquid and retains hydration in the skin.

But, what happens if you drink nopal sap daily? Among the benefits discovered by researchers is that it has regenerating functions, that is, it regenerates harmed mucous membrane by creating a protective film, it reduces cholesterol in the blood, it improves digestion, it regulates blood sugar, it is effective against arthritis, and it lowers fever.

How to drink nopal sap?
You can slice a nopal in half and extract the sap and drink it in a shake with another fruit (such as those rich in Vitamin C) or just dissolve it in natural water. You can also spread it on your skin, as a mask, to moisturize it.

As you can see, nopal sap is very effective and has many health and beauty benefits for human beings.


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