The Beer and Taco Festival is here!

Steak fajitas and craft beer await you the first weekend of June

The Beer and Taco Festival is here!
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There is no better combo than tacos and beer. And no better place to find them than the International Festival of Tacos and Beer, with its 25 taco stands and over 100 craft beer brands. So in all likelihood, the dilemma will be which one to try first.

From your regular assortment of cured, smoked meat, cochinita pibil, pastor, and steak fajitas to alternatives such as ostrich, crocodile, and even scorpion, there is something bound to catch your eye. And if you want to try the most exotic varieties, what better way to find your courage than with a national or imported craft beer.

Once you're so full you can eat anymore, then take a walk across the arts and crafts pavilion or play with your kids in the children's games. Or, perhaps, dance to the rhythm of music group La Sonora Dinamita.

There will also be other activities such as bingo with craft beet shots.

The venue is pet-friendly, so let your pets tag along and enjoy a nice picnic at the green areas of this venue.

And did we tell you there are special offers? Free entry to all birthday boys and girls – although they need to bring three friends along and children under 12, senior citizens, and people with disabilities.

And in their social media, the organizers will be handing out 2 for 1 tickets in the upcoming days.

Now that you know what lies in store, ready your stomach and your wallet!

Where: Recreational Center Los Pinos, Teoloyucan, State of Mexico.
When: June 1 – June 3, from 12:00 to 22:00
Costs: Ticket pre-order begins on May 1 (1 ticket for MXN $160) and regular tickets are MXN$ 200.
More information (in Spanish)Festival Internacional del Taco y la Cerveza


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