18 | OCT | 2019
Miguel Barbosa, aspiring candidate running for Governor of Puebla - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Barbosa, victim of a crime in Puebla

Mexico City
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Barbosa, victim of a crime in Puebla

The aspiring candidate for Governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa, of the left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) was a victim of crime in his own state. We're told that during his tour with Andrés Manuel López Obrador, one of the vans of Mr. Miguel's team was broken into while parked in Tlahuapan. Some of the articles inside the vehicle, such as a computer and photographic equipment, were stolen. We're told Mr. Miguel lost some thousands of pesos in equipment but gained a reason to criticize the lack of security in the state, a topic which will undoubtedly come in handy for his campaign.

A month of impunity

A month has passed since the murder of José Gerardo Martínez, a journalist of EL UNIVERSAL, and the Department of Justice of Mexico City, led by Edmundo Garrido, have had no progress so far with the inquiries and the investigation seems to be at a standstill. Our sources say not only have Mexico City authorities had any progress with the case file, they have also been remiss in their attention to the family of José Gerardo: they haven't even returned them the belongings of our fellow colleague. Of course, we believe the investigators aren't betting on the case being forgotten because they have data and videos of the killers. Could it be that the Mayor of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera, will have to step in and demand results to the district attorney before a new impunity term is established?

Deputy goes from general to trooper

Quite a story the one of the deputy of the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Martha Hilda González, who was the vice-president of the Lower Chamber and wanted to be president but in the end not only did she fail, she also lost her vice-presidency. After PRI member César Camacho requested a leave of absence and abandoned the parliament coordination of the party in San Lázaro, PRI legislators decided to remove González from the vice-presidency, who was aiming to be the president of the Chamber. However, this position was assigned to Edgar Romero and the vice-presidency went to Martha Tamayo – both members of the PRI. And this is how Ms. Martha Hilda went from being a general to a mere trooper.

Front closes pre-campaign in Mexico City

This Saturday, the Citizen's Front for Mexico, formed by the PAN, PRD, and MC, is planning to display their strength to the left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) when they close their pre-campaign. Our sources say these three parties are readying a massive rally in the heart of Iztapalapa, still under the rule of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD). It's said the aspiring presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya, the aspiring candidate for Mayor of Mexico City, Alejandra Barrales, and the aspiring candidate to head of the Iztapalapa borough, Karen Quiroga. The event will take place in the morning at the Macroplaza of Iztapalapa, one of the few strongholds left to the PRD in the capital city. However, please bear in mind this event is for members only, so all attendants have to carry with them their party affiliation cards. Otherwise, were the National Electoral Institute to patrol the area and find the rally is some sort of vote-buying, things could get tricky.


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