Authorities monitor the opposition's Twitter accounts

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Authorities monitor the opposition's Twitter accounts
Yesterday, the government revealed the names of some people who are allegedly linked to social media attacks on the press - Photo: Jeff Chiu/AP
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Authorities monitor the opposition's Twitter accounts

President López Obrador said that he didn't ask any of his aides to spend resources or hire personnel to investigate the social media dirt campaigns launched against the press on Thursday, nevertheless, Alejandro Mendoza Álvarez, the head of the Information, Infrastructure, Informatics, and Technology Cooperation Unit, decided to issue a report about the dissemination of messages against the press, which included the names of opposition members from the PAN and PRI. The thing is that the unit is supposed to analyze and provide information to fight criminals and perhaps Security Minister Alfonso Durazo is not aware that his subordinate carried out this analysis.

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Is this man behind the social media attacks?

We've been told that Sergio José Gutiérrez, the man who handled Enrique Peña Nieto's social media, is being investigated by the federal government. The investigations show that Gutiérrez could be behind the campaign against the López Obrador administration. Moreover, Sergio José Gutiérrez is an expert and was recently hired by the new Baja California governor, Jaime Bonilla. Meanwhile, President López Obrador can't stand him.

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Will Graue stay at the UNAM?

We could find out who is going to be the next UNAM dean this week or if Enrique Graue will stay in the position for a few more years. We've been told that the process is in its final stage. We've been told that the students seem to favor Graue as 6 in every 10 students support Graue.

Enrique Graue is decorated in France​​​​​​​

Austere Christmas bonuses

Zoé Robledo, the IMSS director, will have to respond to thousands of pensioners for an alleged discount implemented on their pensions. We've been told that some pensioners were surprised when they realized their Christmas bonus wasn't even 68% of their salary and after no explanation was issued. The IMSS beneficiaries also demand that the pension is no longer calculated in UMAS but rather on minimum wages, something that is being analyzed. Is there a logical explanation behind this? Is this a new austerity measure?

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