18 | SEP | 2019
Aureoles defends official linked to torture case
Silvano Aureoleshas a low approval rating - Photo: Armando Solis/EL UNIVERSAL

Aureoles defends official linked to torture case

Mexico City
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Aureoles defends former official accused of torture

Silvano Aureoles, the governor of Michoacán, has a low approval rating; nevertheless, he risked his scarce political capital to defend Carlos Gómez Arrieta, his former Public Security Undersecretary and who is accused of torturing a man linked to the enforced disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students in 2014. We've been told that although Carlos Gómez is innocent until proven guilty, Aureoles' move to defend him was quite risky. In politics, it is quite dangerous to risk yourself to defend someone else and In the case of Aureoles, this could mean that his approval ratings could hit a new low.

López Obrador and Manuel Velasco's friendship

Senator Manuel Velasco Coello, PVEM, almost ran into his “friend”, President López Obrador, at the Cancín airport. Yesterday, the President was waiting to board his commercial flight to return to Mexico City but didn't see Senator Velasco, who was also returning to Mexico City. We've been told that the Senator, who asked for a leave of absence, will soon return to Congress to fight for the bills proposed by Morena. Also, many consider that Velasco is ready to join the President's cabinet.

INE employees have fun at Six Flags

It turns out that workers and officials from the National Electoral Institute (INE) are addicted to adrenaline as they were seen at Six Flags last Thursday, during worker hours. The employees enjoyed the amusement park during working hours, as adrenaline is part of their training. In any case, they also took some time off to have fun because defending the INE is quite stressful as some lawmakers consider that the institute is too expensive and unnecessary.

A small luxury in times of austerity

Some are punished and some are pampered at Congress. We've been told that PAN members at the lower chamber, led by Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, will no longer enjoy their VIP cafeteria but the PT members have new chairs and stools for theirs. But it's not that the federal government has priorities, in fact, every party decides how will they spend their budget. We've been told that for the PT, its members are a priority, especially since they work over 10 hours a day. A small luxury in times of austerity.


Ayotzinapa: Video shows federal authorities torturing suspect

The video proves the allegations made by the United Nations
Ayotzinapa: Video shows federal authorities torturing suspectAyotzinapa: Video shows federal authorities torturing suspect


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