23 | MAR | 2019
The Ariel Awards celebrate their 60th anniversary
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The Ariel Awards celebrate their 60th anniversary

César Huerta Ortiz
Mexico City
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More inclusive and diverse, this award, which recognizes the best of Mexican cinema, celebrates it's 60th edition today

Stored in boxes inside the houses of their winners, kidnapped by relatives, or displayed with pride at offices or studios, the Ariel Award celebrates today its 60th edition.

Unlike 2009 when there was a clash between several actors and produces – then leading the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences (AMACC) – this year's ceremony, held at the Palace of Fine Arts, runs smoothly.

In 2009, it was actor Daniel Giménez Cacho – winner of five awards – who opened fire when he urged for diversity, inclusiveness, and democracy at the AMACC.

“That has been the biggest crisis!” remembers the actor, “it was a time in which the Academy had to open up and now it's a pleasure to be a part of it.”

Since then, the Academy has enrolled other producers such as Mónica Lozano (“Instructions Not Included”) and Inna Payán (“The Golden Cage”).

In this year's edition stands out the presence of two documentaries nominated in the Best Picture category (“Intimate Battles” and “Devil's Freedom”), alongside “Time Share,” which opens in theaters this August.


Mexican cinema continues winning strike

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Mexican cinema continues winning strikeMexican cinema continues winning strike

Should any of these documentaries win, it'd be the first time this genre beats fiction in for the Best Picture category.

In the past 18 years, two documentaries were also nominated in this category but failed to take home the statuette.

“There's still a controversy about documentaries not being films,” says Everardo González, whose “Old Thieves” was one of those two, “yet luckily the Academy has opened up to them.”

“For me, the Ariel [awards] helped me lead a different career. I come from a generation which disregarded documentaries. Winning them drew attention to my work,” said the filmmaker, who has won two of these awards.

If you're interested in watching the awards, then you can do so through the broadcast station of Mexico's National Autonomous University (UNAM).

“Celebrate Mexican cinema through the screen of TV UNAM, with a live broadcast of the 60th edition of the Ariel Awards,” reads the tweet.

Check the following link for a list of this year's nominees: http://www.amacc.org.mx/ariel-2018-nominados



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