21 | FEB | 2019
AMLO's cabinet: The last ones standing
Andrés Manuel and his cabinet - Photo: Taken from Irma Sandoval Twitter account

AMLO's cabinet: The last ones standing

Mexico City
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AMLO's cabinet: The last ones standing

Inside Andrés Manuel López Obrador's team, versions about his future presidential cabinet come and go. We're told there's talk about changes and the next president's federal administration hasn’t even begun. Why such a fuss? We're told that several politicians and characters that will work in AMLO's administration have also obtained a seat for Congress through party-list. Mr. Andrés Manuel, we're told, will propose they choose the position they want. But they assure us that the only secure positions in the cabinet are Carlos Urzúa in the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and Olga Sánchez Cordero in the Interior Ministry. That's the way it goes...

Olga Sánchez Cordero feels right at home

And by the way, we're told the retired minister Olga Sánchez Cordero feels right at home. Although some nonbelievers are trying to dig up dirt on her upon her arrival as the Interior Minister, we're told that she had her first meeting with the current minister in his Bucareli office yesterday. They say that Mrs. Olga met with a very friendly Alfonso Navarrete, am old acquittance of her. They add that she began planting the seeds of the relationship with other powers and with several governors. They immediately confirmed that she reached out to the President of the Supreme Court, Luis María Aguilar to mend fences after everything that was said during the campaigns. Although people barely remember, another minister works in this court, that as well as Sánchez Cordero, stood up for the then Mayor, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, during his impeachment. We're talking about minister Alberto Pérez Dayán, who is one of the frontrunners for the presidency of the Supreme Court of Justice, that will begin its work on January 2019. It's remembered how magistrate Alberto voted against impeachment, but he lost then and became a minority within the Collegiate Tribunal.

Anaya and his bad blood against Peña Nieto

We're told that inside Anaya's coalition war room, there was at least someone who, once and again, stirred up and worked up Anaya, who was already angry, in order to accuse president Enrique Peña Nieto of persecuting him with claims of alleged money laundry. Even people from the PRD, say that more cautious voices insisted that Anaya should leave that discourse behind. But no. Until the last minute, and minutes before recognizing Andrés Manuel's win, he listened to that voice and he criticized Peña Nieto in his discourse once again. He never understood that the one who advised him to collide with Peña, that confrontation hurt him and the PRD both, some PRD leaders said, as they banged their heads against a wall.

Margarita Zavala's leftovers

Although Margarita Zavala declined her independent presidential candidacy and announced it 45 days before the election day, the former member of the PAN obtained 64, 643 votes last Sunday. We're told that Mrs. Margarita reached 0.1418% of the votes, even though the ministers of the National Electoral Institute (INE) determined that her votes would be annulled. Those close to Zavala say that they think those 64,000 votes were made even when she set her followers free to vote for the presidential candidate of their choice, they simply couldn't find another option within the other four candidates that made it to the polls last July 1st.


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