AMLO won't set foot on the presidential plane

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AMLO won't set foot on the presidential plane
AMLO will only take commercial flights – Photo: Ariel Ojeda/EL UNIVERSAL
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AMLO won't set foot on the presidential plane

Although he is one of President Peña Nieto's guest, the virtual President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, won't travel to the Pacific Alliance, which will take place in Puerto Vallarta, aboard of the presidential plane. We're told that Mr. Andrés Manuel will take a commercial flight for his first trip after the election. The Tabasco native confirmed that his first trip will be austere and that he will stay in the hotel he usually stays in. And while we're into foreign affairs, AMLO pampered Marcelo Ebrard yesterday, who is his Foreign Affairs Secretary nominee. Some of Marcelo's haters have argued that his work in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, who competed in the United States' presidential election and who was defeated by Donald Trump, could affect the bilateral relation. Nevertheless, yesterday, López Obrador defended his decision to appoint Ebrard as the one in charge of the foreign affairs and he reaffirmed his support.

Morena is now New-Airport-Friendly

Political and new era stuff: Among MORENA there are members who are friendly with the New Mexico City International Airport. That's how it happened in the Permanent Commission of the Congress of the Union, when senator Carmen Ojesto Martínez Porcayo, Layda Sansores' substitute, asked to reject a Proposition with a Point of Agreement that outlined the cancellation of the biggest achievement of the last six years. The legislator argued that the construction could possibly cause environmental damages in what was formerly known as the Texcoco Lake, but there was a retreat on the legislative procedure. We're told that this little step backward is in harmony with Andrés Manuel team's support for the new facilities.

Anaya's supporter wants to take over the PAN

In the muddy waters of what now is the PAN, there are those who want to sign up to lead the party, who was left divided after the July 1st election. The party's internal documents show that during the second 2018 trimester, there should be a renewal of the National Execute Committee and that a few have already raised their hands, such as the congressman and Anaya's supporter, Marko Cortés, who is said to be eying the possibility, between all the uproar, of an extraordinary session in Congress and under that argument, he wants to call for plenary session on July 22nd for the blue congressmen. What many have been asking themselves is: An extraordinary session? What for? A plenary session to promote himself?

INE, at peace with Puebla

The National Electoral Institute (INE) is at peace with the electoral results of the race for Puebla's government, where Martha Erika Alonso, PAN, won. We're told that the electoral organism, led by Lorenzo Córdova, completely trusts the tools that gave Alonso her triumph. Those tools are the Fast-Count Program and they also have complete confidence on the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP); they show Alonso has an advantage of 4 points over the Morena candidate, Luis Miguel Barbosa. The institute affirms that Morena has the right to contest the results and its evidence, but it has to be done within an institutional approach because in the INE they have nothing left to do, meaning that all the anomalies will be resolved in the tribunals.


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