AMLO says bye! to the spies

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AMLO says bye! to the spies
Lópex Obrador will get rid of the spying agency – Photo: Alejandra Leyva/EL UNIVERSAL
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AMLO says bye! to the spies

Alfonso Durazo, the next administration's Security Secretary, announced the mutation (once again) of the Investigation and Homeland Security Center (Cisen), the civil intelligence agency of the Mexican government. In 1918, Venustiano Carranza created its oldest version in the Internal Affairs Secretariat (Segob), although, in 1947, one of the best known and most feared organizations was born, under the President's order: the Federal Direction of Security (DFS). After several makeovers, the DFS disappeared in 1985 and it merges with the civil intelligence branch on the Segob. In 1989 the Cisen was born, which has been wrongly accused of not warning of events such as the rise of the EZLN on January 1st, 1994. The opposition, both from the left and the right, have always pointed that it's used to spy them. Now that the left is in power, it's yet to be seen if they say bye-bye to the spies or if it's only going to be another makeover.

And the super Sub-secretariat of Internal Affairs is born

What was, by structure, the super Secretariat of Internal Affairs, led by Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, super because it took over responsibilities from the Public Security Secretariat, will be dismantled by Andrés Manuel López Obrador. But responsibilities pile up in the new design, it will be a super Sub-secretariat of Internal Affairs or a Joint Secretariat of Internal Affairs, who will carry the enormous operative task of managing the federal agenda and the interior affairs, which turns the one in charge into a 24/7 public officer, with no holidays or days off. Congress already knows that what López Obrador will send to them in September is the changes to the Organic Public Federal Administration Law, where his government changes will be reflected. And the super Sub-Secretary of Internal Affairs will be Zoé Robledo.

The bureaucracy is panicking

By the way, we're told that the President-elect is considering, along with his team, the migration of the employees of several federal agencies, to offer them good conditions to carry out their tasks. We're told that López Obrador is analyzing supporting them with education for their children, services, and even homes. Even then, there's panic in the bureaucracy, we're told.

War inside the PAN

Some call to reflect on the election loss, after Anaya's disaster; others say that Anaya and his supporters sank the party and it should be rescued; there are others who argue that the house should be rebuilt. The fact is there's a war, that's what being said among the blue troops, and the exiled ones are working towards their vindication. That's Ernesto Cordero's case, the current Permanent Committee of the Congress of the Union's president, one of the so-called rebels, because they created an opposition against Anaya. Cordero proposes that Roberto Gil Zuarth, the former Senate president, becomes the new PAN president. “I'm retired from politics...but the only certainty in life is death”, we're told this is what Gil Zuarth had to say. Voices among the PAN think this has to be solved before López Obrador takes office.


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