Will AMLO and Ricky Riquín bury the hatchet?

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Will AMLO and Ricky Riquín bury the hatchet?
MLO and Anaya are meeting soon – photo: Patricia Morales/EL UNIVERSAL
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AMLO and Ricky Riquín will bury the hatchet?

We're told Andrés Manuel López Obrador is getting ready to meet with his former rival, Ricardo Anaya. They say that after this come back to the public scene, the former presidential candidate, both politicians' teams are working to organize a meeting, the way they worked with José Antonio Meade's team on August 3. It is yet to be seen what will AMLO say about his former adversary, and if he will be as complimenting as he was with Meade. Just to refresh your memories a little, let's remember the nickname ALMO gave Mr. Ricardo during the second presidential debate: “Ricky Riquín Canallín” and he had previously labeled him as a “mobster apprentice”. It'll be interesting to see how he talks about Anaya, and if the President-elect will bury the hatchet.

Will Yeidckol keep on leading Morena?

Talking about meetings, next September 19, Morena will hold its National Congress, and we're told that some people are already asking for Yeidckol Polevnsky to stay as the party's president, that way they will avoid conflicts during the transition period and affect Andrés Manuel López Obrador with unnecessary quarrels inside the party. We're told that many people consider that Polevnsky has done a good job and that at this time, her position could be more relevant than one in some secretariat, now that the party is the biggest political force in the country.

Elections are not over yet

If you had already forgotten about elections, the country won't be free from electoral processes in 2019. Baja California will change Governor next year, and after Morena took the 2018 elections by storm, the fights and polls have started to emerge to see who will be Morena's candidate. As of now, we're told, there are already four contenders: Mario Escobedo, Jaime Bonilla, Arturo González, and Jaime Martínez Veloz. Baja California is the only state that will have a Governor election in 2019.

You voted, now keep an eye

During a meeting with university students, the Electoral Tribunal President, Janine Otálora, asked young people to look after democracy and to keep an eye to make sure politicians are held accountable and prove that they're exercising power correctly. Let's not forget that a big portion of Mexicans voted for a change in the government's model. We're told that this will be Mrs. Janine last public event, to fully focus on the certification of the federal elections for the integration of the LXIV Legislature in the Senate and Congress.


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