22 | OCT | 2019
AMLO bridges gaps with organizations
María Elena Morera at an Obrador rally – Photo: Valente Rosas/EL UNIVERSAL

AMLO bridges gaps with organizations

Mexico City
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AMLO bridges gaps with organizations

Yesterday, the president of the civil society organization Causa en Común (Common Cause) María Elena Morera, attended a rally of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) in the Gustavo A. Madero borough in Mexico City. At the end of the event, Ms. María Elena left in the vehicle of the candidate of the coalition led by the left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) to talk about some of his proposals regarding security and justice. Morera, according to our sources, will do the same with the candidates José Antonio Meade and Ricardo Anaya. AMLO has criticized the work of some civil society organizations, thus, this meeting was seen as AMLO bridging gaps with them.

Supporting Martha Erika Alonso

According to our sources, the one who is a few days away from receiving new support for her campaign is the candidate of the PAN-PRD-MC coalition Martha Erika Alonso, running for Governor of Puebla. We're told that this same week, the former candidate of the center-right New Alliance Party (PANAL), Alejandro Romero Carreto, will officially announce his support for Alonso. Mr. Alejandro informed a few days ago that he was quitting the race although he didn't mention then he'd be supporting one of his rivals. He claimed that his decision to support another candidate would be determined by the one he considered had better chances of success and true commitment to the education agenda of his party. The support of Romero, according to the Front coalition, may shift the balance in favor of Mrs. Martha Eika, seeing that several polls point out to the election in Puebla being a tight contest between her and the candidate of the “Together We'll Make History” coalition, Miguel Barbosa.

El Bronco, giving up?

Since the law still doesn't account for votes to be cast via Facebook, the independent candidate Jaime Rodríguez Calderón (El Bronco) currently has little possibilities of winning the presidential election. It's quite baffling that less than a month away from election day, and the independent candidate has stopped campaigning for three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). We've been told something similar happened to the other former independent candidate Margarita Zavala, who reduces her rallies and tours. Some wonder if El Bronco is also considering stepping down from the contest or if he's doing a sit-down campaign. At present, Mr. Jaime has only been sending messages via Facebook and Twitter but the question is if his sympathizers on social networks will go and vote this July 1 – since the law doesn't accept voting through social media platforms.

Meade: don't do me any favors, buddy

There are favors you're thankful for but there are others when the favor is not doing you any favors. This could be the case of the heavily criticized former commissioner of the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (INAI) Ximena Puente and the support she's shown to the presidential candidate José Antonio Meade. This weekend Meade visited Colima and Ms. Ximena praised the work he did as a former Minister of Finance. Puente, who is herself a candidate for the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) running for a Federal Deputy Office, has chosen to remain silent after the controversy over her candidacy to the Congress, given that she went from a position at an autonomous institute to a party candidate. In her Twitter account, Ms. Ximena can't stop sending messages showing her support for Meade. Is Meade thankful for her support?


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