Alleged Israeli criminals murdered in Artz Pedregal, an exclusive shopping center in Mexico

A complete timeline of the shooting at Artz Pedregal, an exclusive shopping center in Mexico City

Alleged Israeli criminals murdered in Artz Pedregal, an exclusive shopping center in Mexico
A woman has been arrested in connection with the murder - Photo: Alejandro Acosta/REUTERS
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A shooting was registered at Artz Pedregal, an exclusive shopping center in Mexico City at 5:30 PM.

The first reports indicated that a person had been killed and two others were wounded, including a police officer. Mexico City authorities announced a woman had been arrested in connection with the attack and that she was in custody and stated that the woman “comes from the Tláhuac borough, the motive to commit the crime, she argues, was infidelity; she was going to flee by wearing a wig and changing her outfit (sic).”

It was said that two alleged criminals were dead and that the police was looking for another one who had fled the scene.

The shooter, Esperanza “N” was immediately detained and is in custody. She insists the attack was a crime of passion.

Later, Mexico City's Security Minister, Jesús Orta, said that at least five people were involved in the homicide of two Israeli men in Plaza Artz. Three of them participated directly and two in an indirect way. He also explained that there are two actual perpetrators: Esperanza “N” and another person; the third suspect was in contact with the perpetrators, minutes before the shooting.

Jesús Orta said that despite the shooter's claiming the crime was a passion crime, authorities didn't rule out other possibilities.

Authorities later revealed that 44 shots had been fired by at least three suspects at Plaza Artz.

It has been reported that at 5 PM, Esperanza “N” entered the restaurant along with a man and ordered a couple of drinks, while another suspect waited outside the restaurant. The two Israeli victims are said to be Ben Suthi and Alon Azoulay, who were identified by the shooters while they were sitting at a table a few feet away from them. The woman then stood up, walked over to where the Israeli men were sitting and shot them.

It was reported that Ben Suthi died during the shooting, while Alon Azulay was wounded and taken to a hospital, where he died.

After the woman and her accomplice fled the crime scene, two other suspects were waiting for them inside a vehicle. Another shooting was registered at the exit of the shopping center, where police officers tried to prevent the suspects from escaping. One of the men inside the vehicle was carrying an AR-15 style rifle and wounded a police officer.

The officers then detained Esperanza “N”, who took off her wig and a few clothing items while trying to flee the scene.

The woman claimed the met one of the victims on Facebook and that they had agreed to meet at the restaurant. She also said she had bought the gun for MXN $7,000.

Earlier today, The Jerusalem Post revealed that the two Israelis murdered at Artz Pedregal had criminal records in Israel.

The Israeli newspaper maintains the “two criminals” are Alon Azulay and Ben Suthi, moreover, a report from EL UNIVERSAL, Suthi was the “main supplier of cocaine in Polanco” in 2006.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Ben Suthi “had been released from Israeli prison about six months ago. When he realized the police were following him, he moved to Mexico, likely because he had a girlfriend there.”

The Israeli newspaper also reports that Suthi fled Israel “in 2001, (..) with Erez Akrishevsky,” who was extradited from Mexico to Israel a few days ago. Both Suthi and Akrishevsky served prison sentences for murder.

Alon Azulay and Ben Suthi were, allegedly, arms traffickers. They supposedly supplied cartels in southern Mexico with guns.

The initial analysis made by the federal police determined that the Israelis might have been accompanied by a third person, the real target, and who might have escaped and is being searched for by the authorities.

Mexico City authorities have ruled out that the attack was a crime of passion.

Furthermore, The Times of Israel reported that one of the two victims was a “prominent figure in Israel’s criminal underworld, sparking suspicions that the killing was a gangland assassination.”

According to the Israeli newspaper, “the deceased was a well-known Israeli crime boss, Tel Aviv native Ben Suthi, who had completed a lengthy prison sentence in Israel in February,” which seems to confirm earlier reports.

The newspaper also reports that “Israeli police sources told the Ynet news site that there was 'no doubt' the murder was 'commissioned by those with interests in Israel.' Israeli police reportedly suspect that an Israeli criminal organization paid a local group in Mexico City to carry out the hit.”

The shooting comes less than a month after an Israeli DJ Ronen Dahan, known as DJ Perplex, was shot dead during a rave in San Luis Potosí.


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