is one of the most consumed foods in Mexico . Thanks to it many traditional meals in our country are made, as well as tortillas. However, yellow corn is not the only kind, purple corn exists, too, but little is talked about its multiple health benefits .

Here we will tell you about the characteristics of purple corn:

It prevents colon cancer

One of the benefits of purple corn is that it can prevent cancer . According to Peru’s National Health Institute , corn has a substance called anthocyanin .

This substance causes the purple color and is also a source of antioxidants which can help to prevent colon cancer.

Antioxidants protect cells, so they prevent the development of this disease

It slows down aging

Many of us look to slow down the signs of aging as long as possible and eating purple corn can help with this.

According to an article published by , the anthocyanin contained in this corn can slow down aging, regenerate tissue and promote the production of collagen , which prevents wrinkles.

It reduces the risk of developing diabetes

Purple corn can help prevent diabetes . A study published by the U.S. National Medicine Library mentions that the antioxidants properties of corn can prevent glomerulosclerosis.

It is a process in which the blood vessels in the kidneys harden; usually, this is associated with diabetes. Additionally, a study made on rats showed that those that ate purple corn had less sugar in their blood.

It fights obesity


and excess weight are one of the main health problems in Mexico, however, these conditions can be fought with exercise and a balanced diet .

According to an article published by the Oxford Academy , eating purple corn can help with weight loss, thanks to anthocyanin.

It improves sight

Another of the benefits of purple corn is that it can help improving sight.

This food contains lutein and zeaxanthin , antioxidants related to eye health.

By eating purple corn, you prevent cataracts or muscle degeneration , the main causes of blindness .


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