3 Mexican directors to attend the Venice Film Festival

3 Mexicans will be present at the 75th Venice Film Festival in August

3 Mexican directors to attend the Venice Film Festival
Cuarón, Del Toro and Reygadas (not pictured here) will attend the festival - Photo: Todd Williamson/AP
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Alfonso Cuarón's movie Roma” is set to compete in the 75th Venice Film Festival.

Cuarón aspires to win the Golden Lion, the highest prize given to a film, with a film that tells the story of his childhood in a middle-class family during the 70s. Cuarón inaugurated the 2013 Festival with “Gravity”, a film that later won 2 Oscars.

During a press conference, the Festival director, Alberto Barbera, explained that Cuarón's movie, filmed in black and white and produced by Netflix, “is one of the most anticipated movies” and that “it is mostly autobiographical, it's about his family and his teenage years”.

Another Mexican, Carlos Reygadas, will also compete in the Festival for the Golden Lion along Cuarón with his movie Nuestro tiempo” (Our time). During the press conference, Alberto Barbero said that Reygadas starred in the movie along with his wife, Natalia López and that he considered the film as “an attempt to build a sexually open couple”.

Guillermo del Toro will also attend, he will head the festival's jury this year. Del Toro won the Golden Lion for his acclaimed film “The Shape of Water” in 2017.

The Festival's 75th edition will take place in the Lido island, from August 29 to September 8.


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