Record of Mexicans with dual nationality increases

The consulate in New York registers more children born to Mexican parents in the US, with 16.936

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English 08/08/2017 18:36 Pedro Villa y Caña Actualizada 18:38

The registry of children born to Mexican parents in the United States in the present federal administration went from 35.215 in 2013 to 43.134 in 2016.

From January to July 2017, 52.376 birth registrations were reported, representing an increase of 48,73% over the figure of 2013.

So far this year, 200.986 people have obtained the Mexican nationality in one of the 50 Mexican consulates in the US, the largest consular network in the world.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) reported that in 2013, 35.215 people registered in the consulates to obtain the Mexican nationality, a figure that fell in 2014, with 32.795 nationals.

Since 2015, according to the figures of the Chancellery, the records of new Mexican citizens in the US have risen. Two years ago, the federal government delivered 34.781 nationality certificates, while last year this figure rose to 43.134.

Until July 25, 52.376 new citizenship certificates were reported, representing an increase of 48,7% compared to the first year of the current federal administration.

The Mexican consulate in New York registers more children born to Mexican parents in the US, with 16.936; followed by the consulate in El Paso, Texas, with 12.126.

The third is the representation of Atlanta, with 9.814; followed by Chicago, with 9.884, and by Houston, Texas with 9.545.

The consulates that present fewer requests to register children are Anchorage, Arkansas, with only 105; Presidio, Texas, with 153; Milwaukee, with 607, and the office of Douglas, Arizona, with 814.

In order for children to be registered as Mexicans in the US, it is necessary to schedule an appointment through the Mexitel system, present the local birth certificate, the presence of both parents if the couple is not married or the marriage certificate if only one of the parents goes to register the child.

In addition, official documents showing Mexican nationality, two witnesses, personal appearance of the registrant, and the corresponding application must be submitted to the consular authorities.

The registration process is free; however, authenticated copies of the birth certificate have a cost of USD$13, which is equivalent to approximately MXN$260.