“Valentina and her Crayons” against Child Abuse

The introduction of the book aims to prevent sexual violence from an early age

Presentation of book “Valentina and her Magic Crayons”. Taken from Twitter @CEAMEG_Oficial
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The Studies Center for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality (CEAMEG) in Mexico, part of the Chamber of Deputies, presented the book “Valentina and her Magic Crayons”, with the objective of preventing child sexual abuse.

The general director of the CEAMEG, Adriana Gabriela Ceballos Hernánez, pointed out the level of sexual violence against children is very high in the country, and that several of these cases are related to human trafficking; thus the importance of prevention from an early age.

The book – she said – is very subtle and carefully handled so parents can read it to their children and explain to them that their bodies give them signs when they are afraid or in danger, and that they should immediately go to their mother, father, grandmother or any other person they confide in and talk.

The book was written by Erandi Quintero Márquez and has a starting run of a thousand copies, which will be distributed at schools after presentations so that parents and teachers can read it to the minors.

“The tale is carefully handled and has no explicit content, it's aim is prevention. What we want is for the book to be borrowed and shared among families so we can reach as many children as we can through just one material. This way, more children will be warned against sexual abuse,” she said.

Ceballos Hernández stated the book will be handed out to students from kindergarten to fourth grade, and it's printed with a durable material, which will make it easier to be borrowed and shared.


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