Artistic activities for prisoners

The Ministry of Culture and the National Security Commission signed a collaboration agreement

Photo: Courtesy of Ministry of Culture
English 01/07/2017 14:16 Newsroom Hidalgo Actualizada 14:25
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The Federal Centers of Social Readaptation will receive cultural activities due to a Collaboration Agreement signed by the Ministry of Culture and the National Security Commission.

The Ministry of Culture informed through a report that 22 locations will carry out narrative and poetry workshops, production of plays, concerts, along with music and visual art competitions.

The Minister of Culture, María Cristina García Cepeda, said that the agreement joins efforts to provide people deprived of their freedom the options art and culture have to offer to enrich and give new meaning to their lives, creating dialogue, strengthening family ties and building civility.

"Discovering creativity, the universe of art, it changes one's life. That is the spirit of the document we are signing today. That is the meaning of cultural work: that the wealth of Mexico is available to the people, regardless of their legal situation," Garcia Cepeda said.

The National Commissioner of Security, Renato Sales Heredia, said that when talking about people deprived of their freedom, their rights should also be taken into account, which do not change because of their legal status, and therefore, access to culture is a vital element for their transformation. as part of their human dignity,


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