Special Unit of Attention to Journalists created in Yucatan

Its objective is protecting the integrity of journalists and freedom of speech

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Yucatán will have a Special Unit of Attention to Journalists to provide safety measures and protection to reporters, announced Fernando Castro Novelo, head of the Directorate General of Social Communication of the state government.

During the ceremony of the State Award for Journalism 2017, Castro said that with this Unit, along with other measures, they will be able to make sure that the state has a broad preventive vision, as well as necessary legal infrastructure to face any occurrence which could threaten journalists.

The professionals who received awards were the journalists Manuel Pool Moguel and Tania Medina Cen, the photographer Héctor Osnaya Negrete, and the cameraman Javier Negrete Gaytán, under the category of coverage.

Under trajectory, Renata María Marrufo Montañez and Luis Antonio Boffil Gómez received their awards.

The recognized journalists coincided in the necessity of uniting the trade in order to promote responsible fulfillment of their job without being at risk in pursuit of freedom of speech in the state.

The jury was constituted by directors and teachers from the Autonomous University of Yucatán, Autonomous University of Modelo, Anáhuac Mayab University and the Banking Commercial Institute.


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