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Mexican chocolates win medals in International Chocolate Awards

Natalia de la Rosa Hilario
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The Mexican brands Ta.Cho, Mucho Tapachula by Mucho and Quetzalli won the prizes

The chocolate brands Ta.cho, which is a Mexican chocolate factory of Finca “El Paraíso,” Mucho Tapachula by Mucho, which is a collaboration with the Chocolate Museum (MUCHO), and Wolter with its Quetzalli bars from Tabasco, from Finca Hacienda de la Luz, Le Caméléon and La Rifa Chocolatería received silver and bronze medals under different categories in the International Chocolate Awards, a worldwide contest which revolves around cacao and chocolate, and evaluates the best products in the world.

The Mexican cacao and chocolate, especially those from the state of Tabasco, have won numerous awards worldwide for their quality, their work on the plantations, their making and, finally, the product sold as a bar.

This year, in the Americas Competition, around one thousand products were evaluated, which has been a milestone for the contest since bars under the categories "natural" and "added flavors" were included.

These are the awards for the Mexican chocolates:

Micro-batch – Plain/origin dark chocolate bars: the brand Wolter from Tabasco won bronze medal with the bar Quetzalli Criollo Tabasco 70%.

Chocolate bars made with alternative natural sugar: La Rifa Chocolatería won silver and bronze with the bars Barra Blanco Marfil and Barra Uranga.

Micro-batch – Plain/origin milk chocolate bars: the Barra Ámbar 46% Finca “El Paraíso” of Ta.Cho won silver, while the bar Carmelo Mestizo of MUCHO Chocolate won bronze.



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