UNDER RESERVE: PRI leaves César Duarte behind

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PRI leaves César Duarte behind

No one will get their hands dirty for the former ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) governor of Chihuahua, Cesar Duarte, investigated by the Attorney General's Office (PGR) for the alleged diversion of 10 billion public funds to PRI. We are told that neither the federal government nor the PRI leadership intends to defend the former state leader. There is a very clear institutional definition regarding the performance of former governors who have allegedly committed acts of corruption. In fact, they tell us, both instances see Duarte, who got his party rights suspended, as the third in line to face state and federal justice, after the capture of Javier Duarte from Veracruz and Roberto Borge from Quintana Roo. Of course, what no PRI leader has confirmed is whether there is evidence that the former governor of Chihuahua gave such a large amount of resources to the PRI coffers. Where is the ball now?

INAI's nightmare

Just a week after the Consultative Council of the National Institute of Access to Information (INAI) took office, it's confirmed that it has the potential to become the main nightmare of the institution headed by Commissioner Francisco Acuña. We are told that there is huge annoyance among the members of the INAI plenary for what they consider an ambush by the citizen body for requesting an investigation on the alleged espionage of the Mexican government to journalists and activists and assuring that the Transparency and Data Protection body has powers to act in the case. The council, composed of 10 citizens, said in a statement that the INAI has powers to act in the case of the alleged use by the federal government of a spying program. Now, we are assured, several of the commissioners who were very active in the Senate trying to influence the decision to appoint the citizen councilors are beginning to step back. Wow!

Minister Luna Ramos' sentence

We were just told that some politicians and members of the Judiciary started to get excited thinking that there would be an unexpected opening in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. And that one of the 11 seats that the most powerful judges in the country occupy would be free since it was possible that Minister Margarita Luna Ramos would join the International Criminal Court, based in La Haya. However, the Court itself assures that whoever anticipates scenarios is wasting time since the minister decided to decline the invitation to be nominated to that post. They tell us that Mrs. Margarita had to take out the balance and put on one side the honor that represents for a judge the possibility of joining the court, which is recognized internationally. On the other side, she put her family, who she would have to leave for the nine years the period in La Haya lasts. In the end, the minister's sentence was in favor of her family and finishing her commission in the Court, in 2019.

Heberto Castillo Hall mutilated

At the peak of the quarrel among senators who abandoned the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) bench in the Senate, PRD coordinator Dolores Padierna told EL UNIVERSAL that only dead she would accept losing Heberto Castillo Hall because of what it represents to the party. Two months later, we are informed, without agreement with the Labour Party's (PT) bench on the division of spaces in the legislative venue, the emblematic space has been mutilated in a third part with the argument that eight senators do not need a room for 28. What happened? We are told that it was ordered to clear space from the Heberto Castillo Hall to build the new office of Mrs. Dolores, who has fought the office of former coordinator Miguel Barbosa. The result of the confrontation within the left wing: the division of the room...


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