Mexico donates sculpture to Quebec

The piece aims to become a meeting point for the Quebec community

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The "Wings of Mexico", the work of Mexican sculptor Jorge Marín, will become part of the province of Quebec in Canada as of June 21, after the Mexico City government and the artist announced the donation.

Jorge Marín informed about it in a press conference, where he commented that the piece made of bronze, weighing five tons and with three meters in length, will permanently be installed at the Promenade Samuel-De Champlain, a park located on boulevard Champlain, along the St. Lawrence River.

He said that the piece aims to become a meeting point for the Quebec community, making it possible to change the way public relates to their environment and to art itself.

Marín explained that this is a project involving eight copies of the same sculpture which are distributed in different countries, for the purpose of rapprochement and said that after the donation to Quebec, three more sculptures remain to be donated.

He added that it is a joint donation "because part of it was made in my study, while the Mexico City government made the basic expenditure of the production.”

For his part, David Ruiz, first counselor of the General Delegation of Quebec in Mexico, thanked the gift and recalled that this collaboration project arose during the visit of the Premier of Quebec, Philippe Couillard, to Mexico in October 2015.

The donation aims to strengthen relations between the two cities and will permanently and culturally link the Mexican capital with Quebec. The sculpture will be inaugurated on June 21, three days before the national holiday of Quebec, which is on June 24.

The piece is a sculptural set of two bronze wings on a human scale, mounted on a steel frame and placed on a base, on which the spectators can stand and interact with the work; emphasizing the idea of art as a tool for the understanding of space.


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