Mexico launches national campaign against homophobia

The hashtag #MéxicoIncluyente aims to fight the perception that homosexuality is a disease

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English 14/06/2017 17:06 Diana Lastiri Mexico City Actualizada 15:17
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The Mexican National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred) launched a national campaign against homophobia and to promote inclusion.

The goal of this campaign is counteracting the perception that homosexuality is a disease and the ideas that confuse sexual orientation and gender identity.

This will be achieved through the celebration of sexual and human diversity, as well as promoting the acknowledgment of people's rights and “shedding light on and combat stigma, prejudice, and stereotypes concerning persons from the LGBT community.”

The campaign started with an event in the headquarters of the Conapred in which participated scholars, activists, civil organizations and public officials.

During the event, the assistants activated the hashtag #MéxicoIncluyente aiming to position values against discrimination and hard data about inclusion and sexual diversity.

Conapred informed that the creation of this campaign was ordered by President Enrique Peña Nieto, from last year.


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