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What's being cooked at Los Pinos?

President Enrique Peña Nieto will dedicate three days to one-hundred-percent private activities, we are told by Los Pinos presidential residence. Yesterday, the president worked in private with the Cabinet of National Security and this Tuesday and tomorrow, Wednesday, he will focus on recording spots in western states of the country ahead of his 5th Government Report. This is one of the few times during his term that the President of the Republic has not carried out public activities in more than two days in a row. Los Pinos confirmed that, on Thursday, the president will head a meeting with the Council of Communication and yet there is still no available information on the presidential agenda for Friday. However, while at the presidential residence they see these days without public acts and internal work with normality, in several federal agencies the popular sport of political scenarios has kicked off. There are secretariats in which speculations go from adjustments in the cabinet to the possibility that the disclosure of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) presidential candidate for 2018 is being prepared; They wonder if something is being cooked at Los Pinos.

Good and bad news for Barbosa

Now that the election is over, Senator Miguel Barbosa has two news, one good and one bad. The good news is that he fulfilled his commitment and his political operation in Nezahualcóyotl generated 100 thousand votes for the candidate of far-left National Regeneration Party (MORENA), Delfina Gómez, who reached 102 thousand votes. As we had published on these pages, Mr. Miguel had promised that number of votes for MORENA in the very bunker of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) candidate, Juan Zepeda. The bad thing is that Zepeda beat Mrs. Delfina 2 to 1 to because PRD got little more than 209 thousand votes. Thus, Mr. Miguel has begun to win his stars in the project commanded by Andres Manuel López Obrador. Merits he may have to remember next year when the candidacies are distributed, especially when it's determined who will be the representative of MORENA to the government of Puebla.

MORENA forgives “sinners”

The annoyance of some parties for the work done by the National Electoral Institute (INE) and state agencies in the entities where they lost came to such a degree that Horacio Duarte, representative of far-left National Regeneration Party (MORENA), said they missed Luis Carlos Ugalde, former president of the then Federal Electoral Institute (IFE), whom the current leader of MORENA, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, pointed as part of those who "stole" the election of 2006. " Ugalde was stronger... how far (José) Woldenberg is" Duarte told counselors. We are told that MORENA seems to be in a stage of total forgiveness because, first, they forgave teacher Elba Esther Gordillo and allowed her close friends to support them in the election of the State of Mexico and at the time they profess profound admiration for Mr. Luis Carlos. The time has come to forgive the "sinners". You know all the twists and turns in politics.

Castillejos' resignation raises suspicions

The resignation of the legal adviser of the Presidency of the Republic, Humberto Castillejos Cervantes, is being seen with suspicion in the corridors of the Congress of the Union. His resignation to the presidential cabinet was, according to the official version, because Castillejos is to get married soon. However, we are told that opposition legislators have interpreted his resignation as a signal to pave the way for the possibility that the current prosecutor general, Raúl Cervantes Andrade, his cousin, can participate in the process to choose the new Attorney General of the Republic without kinship jeopardizing the autonomy of the prosecutor. However, it will not be possible to verify whether this theory is real or not if the Congress does not get to work and prevents post-electoral conflicts from hampering the progress of lagging issues, such as the appointment of the Attorney General of the Republic and the anti-corruption prosecutor.

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