Mexico-UK intercultural exchange celebrated in Mexico City

The Anglo Arts Centre hosted an evening in honor of Lord Mayor of London, Dr. Andrew Parmley, to celebrate collaboration between the City Music Foundation and the Anglo Arts

Víctor Treviño (L), Rt. Hon. Dr. Andrew Parmley (C), and Stephen J. Smith OBE (R) during the reception last Tuesday at the Anglo Arts Centre - Photo: Yadin Xolalpa/ EL UNIVERSAL
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The Anglo Arts Centre hosted an evening in honor of Lord Mayor of London, Rt. Hon. Dr. Andrew Parmley, to celebrate collaboration between the City Music Foundation (CMF) and Mexican-based Anglo Arts, a division of The Anglo Mexican Foundation (TAMF).

The Anglo Arts dedicates its efforts to "fostering cultural exchange between Mexico and the UK" as well as encouraging "a bilateral artistic collaboration between the two countries and create cultural and artistic opportunities for young and emerging talents."

In an interview with EL UNIVERSALStephen J. Smith OBE, Director General of the Anglo Mexican Foundation explained the value and significance of Dr. Parmley's visit to The Anglo Arts Centre, as part of his three-day tour in Mexico City to promote commercial relationships with the UK, and said that the Lord Mayor's presence represents "A very strong friendship and the creation of links between Britain and Mexico and Mexico and Britain".

The Lord Mayor of London 2016-2017, is part of the trustee board of the City Music Foundation in London, dedicated to the promotion of young musical talent.

Other trustees of the CMF include Sir Roger Gifford, former Lord Mayor of London and a major advocate of arts, who was responsible for setting up scholarships for musicians between the Anglo Arts and the City Music Foundation, in which has become to be known as the UK-Mexico CMF Scholarship Programme. The programme is intended to "create exceptional opportunities for talented young people." in the words of the Director General of The Anglo Mexican Foundation.

He added that the partnership with the CMF is understood as  "a cultural exchange, just trying to build cultural influences between the two countries" and looks forward to continuous collaboration that would open the conversation to the arts:  "There's great potential in developing this relationship and looking into the intercultural exchange and things we can do in the future."

In 2015, percussionist Eusebio Sánchez from Monterrey, Mexico, became the first recipient of the UK-Mexico CMF Scholarship Programme.

After a stay in the City Music Foundation in London, Sánchez released his first album, Xilitla, in June last year, as a result of the dual year Mexico-UK.

Sánchez album was named after the surreal garden site of Las Pozas -The Pools- created by British artist Edward James in the Mexican rainforest of Xilitla municipality in mountainous San Luis Potosí.



Among the speakers at last Tuesday's cocktail reception were, Rt. Hon. Dr. Andrew ParmleyLord Mayor of LondonVíctor TreviñoChairman of the Board of the Anglo Mexican Foundation and Stephen J. Smith OBE, Director General of the Anglo Mexican Foundation.

Guests included HMA Duncan Taylor CBE as well as distinguished members of the Anglo Mexican Foundation and the British community in Mexico.

A presentation on the work, projects, and reach of the Anglo Arts division of the Anglo Mexican Foundation was also delivered by Anglo Arts Manager, Ms. Rocío Bermejo.






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