Perfecting the National Electoral Institute (INE)

OPINION: Being able to identify issues of the National Electoral Institute from within must provide prompt analysis of the current scenario particularly, for those who have been newly appointed

English 06/04/2017 11:17 Mexico City Newspaper leader by EL UNIVERSAL Actualizada 11:18
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Democracy in Mexico has experienced constant changes for the last 20 years. While some claim that a trial and question method is being put in place, considering recurring law amends, others think that the periodic amend to the law, usually by the end of an electoral process, represents a willingness to improve the applicable law on a daily basis, which is better than keeping an obsolete law that do not respond to the demands of the country.

Both arguments are undeniably true, as all criticism is valid. The National Electoral Institute (INE) stands in the middle of the conversation; an agency critical to the democratic life of our country that raises as the referee of all electoral processes that take place in Mexico.

Three of its eleven members were appointed earlier this week. Former electoral advisers set forth some of the issues lived inside the agency, while they offer some proposals fro their solution.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, these advisers offer a diagnostic of the main challenges that the agency faces, among them, to end with the incidence of a bureaucratic culture that exhibits a marked resistance to change and promotes comfort zones instead.

To see to all electoral claims and accusations constitutes a major burden for the INE, who insists that all appeals should be channeled through the Federal Electoral Court of the Judicial Authority (TEPJF) so as to avoid the politicization of the National Electoral Institute, particularly during every election period.

Candidates inability to accept and publicly acknowledge their defeat constitutes another of the institute’s main challenges.
Being able to identify issues of the National Electoral Institute from within must provide prompt analysis of the current scenario for those continuing with their responsibilities and, particularly, for those who have been newly appointed.

However, one cannot help but wonder, why were changes not made when former advisers were still in office? Former adviser leaves a legacy of strategic plans for the next ten years, as well as budgeting manuals to reduce the cost of electoral processes.

Democracy in Mexico is still a work in process and it would be wrong to think it otherwise, particularly in times where it seems to have gone adrift in the world, losing followers and paving the way for authoritarian forms of government instead.

Perfecting democracy in Mexico day by day must help to move towards a more inclusive society, one genuinely interested in the public agenda that actively participates in all government affairs as an effective counterweight.

The National Electoral Institute is a key player in the national democratic development and as such, it needs to perform a constant performance assessment to meet with its responsibility.

All proposals for a solution within the institute must be addressed accordingly.


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