19 | MAR | 2019
Photo: Profepa / Special

Gray fox rescued in Coahuila

Astrid Rivera
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The gray vixen was captured in a farm after being discovered preying on livestock

A gray vixen was rescued and released back into the wild in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila.

According to Mexico's Federal Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA), the gray fox was captured in a farm after the owner saw it preying on livestock such as chickens and rabbits.

After being notified of the animal's capture, personnel from the PROFEPA safely captured the fox and ensured that nobody hurt it.

Specialists confirmed the animal's health condition and decided to immediately release it back into the wild in an area far away from densely populated areas.

The gray fox is not considered an endangered species and can be found in forests in the U.S., southern Canada, and as far south as Venezuela and Colombian.



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